Rain Bird Xeri Bug XB-05PC Blue Emitter

Rain Bird Xeri Bug XB-05PC Blue Emitter

Model Number: [RAINBIRD-EM-L05-BLUE]

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Rain Bird Drip Emitters Xeri Bug Pressure Compensating

Rain Bird Drip Emitters Xeri Bug Blue 1/2 GPH

RainBird XB-05PC Blue 1/2 GPH 

We Offer A Very Low Price On A Great Emitter!

Pressure Compensating Emitters

Saves Water and Cost By Placing The Water Exactly Where It Needs To Be!

"PC" or Pressure Compensating Emitter Means That Each Emitter Will Allow The Same Amount Of Water To Emit From The Start Of The Tubing To The End Of The Tubing. Just make sure and stay within the flow limits of the size tubing you are using and Pressure Requirements of The Emitter 15-25 PSI.


Install The #1 Emitter Worldwide!

After All The Work, You Will Be Glad You Did! 

Blue Emitter XB - 05 PC 1/2 GPH @ - 15 - 50 PSI.

Black Emitter XB - 10 PC 1.0 GPH @  15 - 50 PSI.

Red Emitter XB - 20 PC 2.0 GPH @  15 - 50 PSI.

Maximum Pressure 50 PSI 

Install Directly into Poly Tubing or Install On The End of 1/4" Vinyl Tubing.

Great for individual plants, Vineyards, Crops, Vegetables Gardens, All individual plants, shrubs, small trees. Used for tree farms, garden stores & nurseries, hanging baskets or container plants on your patio or deck!


Please Note!  Sharp pointed side goes into supply tubing.

Make sure you have a punch tool to install the emitter into the poly tubing. 

As with any drip or micro spray irrigation always use a filter!

Use a minimum of a 140 mesh filter with these emitters.


Rain Bird XB - 05 PC 1/2 GPH Blue Emitters


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