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Nelson RainScapes Simple Soaker 2311/50180
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Nelson RainScapes Simple Soaker 2311/50180

Model Number: [ NelsonRScapes50180 8]
You Save:$20.70

Nelson RainScapes Garden Watering Kit

Nelson Simple Soaker 2311

Nelson Simple Soaker 50180

New Model # 851801 - 1001

New Name

Nelson RainScapes Garden Watering Kit


 A convenient way to efficiently water landscaping, flowers, border areas, and gardens

All-in-one kit, sets up in 15 minutes or less, no tools required!


50ft. tubing with brass female hose threaded swivel & plastic male hose threaded end with cap.

5 spray nozzles

10 risers

5 half-circle nozzle adaptors

5 tubing hold-down stakes 

8 goof plugs

Just in case of a Warranty issue.

You Will Be Glad You Purchased

From The Oldest Nelson Distributor.

We Offer 1st Class Customer Service!

Delivered in The Continental USA, 1 to 4 Business Days.

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